Using StudioX Networks you can employ a variety of strategies for distributing your content through the Internet and generating revenue online. Regardless of the strategies you choose, you have complete control over how your content is published, distributed, branded and monetized online.

StudioX gives video content owners—from major studios and broadcasters to cable networks to web publishers to small independent producers—the ability to build Internet TV businesses by publishing, distributing, and syndicating video and rich media directly to consumers online.

In the digital medium, the content should be syndicated as broadly as possible. If iTunes wants to charge $1.99 for the shows, let them. If Insinc wants to stream the shows with ads and download them for a small fee, let them. You should put your trailers and teasers out on RSS Feeds, Myspace, YouTube, and Google Video to promote your full releases. If you can have your content seen by millions of eyes than why not do do it? Maybe you don’t know about all the right places to put your content, or maybe you just don’t have the time. That is where we come in! We have strategic partnerships with numerous online syndication and distribution services and we can deploy your content to all of these channels immediatly.

As for the debate about subscription versus ad supported business models, I think the data is coming in pretty conclusively that the free model is where the big money will be made. The results of a survey on this topic that said 68% of the population prefer free and ad supported. Another survey were published, this time by the Points North Group and Horowitz Associates. This time 62% prefer free versus 17% who want paid with no ads. 21% are undecided which means they haven’t been asked to pay yet and hit the back button. Either way, the digital medium has worked best with a free ad-supported model (see Google’s earnings last night $2bn in revenue in Q4 and cash flow of almost $500 million all from ads on free web content).

StudioX Networks offers media and marketing services in all major markets including, but not limited to: Vancouver – Montreal – Toronto – New York City NYC – Miami – Shanghai – Hong Kong – Beijing

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