StudioX has been producing work for television for years and has been featured on City TV, Discovery Channel, and MTV. We are proud to now offer our respected videography services in 4K Video. The bottom line is that, through the new 4k format, ultra high-definition video is now within reach for most organizations, and should become part of the thinking and conversation for any video project.

Companies and organizations should start accumulating video assets in 4K format. These assets can always be used today in standard-definition productions by “down-converting” the 4K picture to HD, but they’ll be available in the higher-resolution format when that becomes the prevalent distribution mode a few years from now.

At StudioX, we’ve devoted major attention to this, to the point where we’ve replaced all our standard definition cameras with cameras that record in both HD and 4K, and we’ve upgraded all of our editing workstations to handle 4K. 4K is here to stay, is now very affordable, and will break loose as soon as the dust begins to settle on the format warriors’ travails.

Our highly experienced promotional video production team will capture your brands image in 4K. StudioX uses only the latest digital video equipment to shoot your productions. The footage is then transferred directly to our non-linear editing systems for zero generation loss editing. This means that everything we shoot looks as good coming out of the system as it does going in.

StudioX Produces the following 4K Video Services:

  • Videography and videotaping services
  • Special Events presentations
  • TV news
  • B-roll
  • Commercial
  • HDV editing

StudioX Networks offers media and marketing services in all major markets including, but not limited to: Vancouver – Montreal – Toronto – New York City NYC – Miami – Shanghai – Hong Kong – Beijing

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4K Video for Television 4K Video for Television