studioX networks. is your local reputation and loyalty management agency specializing in Google My Business and loyalty programs in Vancouver, BC.
Let studioX networks take care of your Google My Business

We helped you claim and verify your Google My Business listing. Our team at studioX networks optimized your profile and it’s been successfully attracting new customers. So what’s the next step and how to ensure that you use the full potential of your listing?

What are Insights?

Google My Business provides a free analytics package called Google Insights which offers a wealth of search data. Metrics show direct vs discovery searches, search vs map views, and historical searches/views by date. The data gives you valuable insight into what goes on with your listing. We will be able to compare current trends with previous periods to monitor for any significant changes in your marketplace. The analytics will help you learn how customers and potential customers interact with your business listing, including:

How customers find your listing – if the customers are searching for a business name, address, a category, product, or service.

Where customers find you on Google – how many customers found you via Google Search or via Google Maps.

Customer actions – what action customers took after they found your listing, f. e. visit your website, request directions, call you or view your photos.

Another helpful source of data that helps you understand the needs of your customers and recognize the strengths and weaknesses of your business is Google Reviews.

What studioX networks brings to the table?

Figuring out what to do with all the data might seem overwhelming and time-consuming when you have other things to focus on! Let our professional team help you! Our package includes:

  • Monitor Insights
  • Monitor and respond to reviews
  • Monthly reporting on Insights & Google Reviews

Get in touch with studioX networks for more details about our  Google My Business Monitoring package. Also, if you are just starting and need help with setting up your listing, contact us for a consultation or see our other Google My Business packages:

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