studioX networks.


We are a creative hub coming up with new creative ways to solve modern problems.

studioX networks. is your local reputation and loyalty management agency specializing in Google My Business and loyalty programs in Vancouver, BC. We are a creative hub coming up with new creative ways to solve modern problems.

Reputation Management & Loyalty Program

Since its launch in 2014, Google My Business has become an essential part of your marketing strategy in attracting new clients and customers. We will help your business to stand out in your local area and attract new customers by creating a great Google My Business profile they cannot overlook. We will give people a reason to pop round—share your recent news, specials, and offers so they know what’s on. Thanks to our reputation generation and reputation management program, your business will get more reviews and we will manage them for you.

Once your business is ready for the next step, our loyalty program will help you keep your returning and new customers happy. We will create an attractive loyalty program tailored just for your business so your customers won’t even think of running to your competitors.

Let studioX networks. help you to build strong relationships with the people who matter for your business the most.

Meet Graham

Graham Robinson is a co-founder and IT director at Studio X Networks, a successful marketing company based in Vancouver that brings creative solutions to modern problems. Graham’s background as an accomplished software engineer with over 10 years of experience came together in a loyalty program software called The Loyalty. His amazing software offers solutions to the marketing needs of small and medium-sized businesses, specializing in loyalty programs and reputation management.

Yet, Graham is a serial entrepreneur, and his entrepreneurial spirit never sleeps. Blundtags is a business Graham runs on his own as a side a hassle, resolving not-so-common problems of large-sized companies. At the same time, the blundtag products are popular amongst trendy East Van residents or anyone who wears blundstones and wants to spice up the look of his shoes. Even though the blundtags are a very niche product, Graham is always looking for new markets where he can expand his business.  

Before he relocated to Vancouver, Graham lived in Shangai in China for several years, where he co-founded his first company called DJ Vibes. His passion for music and photography in combination with his technical skills led to a career delivering professional music videos and photography to DJ Vibes’ high-profile clients.

Besides, coming from a picturesque ski resort town, Graham is a winter sports enthusiast and a craft beer expert, casually exploring Vancouver’s craft beer scene. His IPA beer knowledge is almost as deep as his software expertise; and if asked, Graham will be happy to share it with you.